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I originally set out to do a comic strip but got sidetracked writing and illustrating over 35 kid’s books. While I was busy with those,  periodical print media imploded,  decimating the comics business in the process. Now that the field is a pile of smoldering ruins,  I decided that the time was perfect to jump back in. It’s a long shot,  to be sure,  but it feels like the thing I’m here to do and I want to at least try to do what I’m here to do before I’m not here to do anything anymore.

Actually,  the first thing I’m here to do is heal. During my first couple decades,  I unintentionally acquired a wide array of developmental injuries. I’ve spent the following decades figuring out how to un-acquire them. I’m still very much on the journey,  but progress has been accelerating this year which is quite a treat after so much slogging. One Comic at a Time is my attempt to share what has helped me in hopes that it will help you too. And save you distress. And, of course, give you a laugh. Life without humor is nothing I wish on anyone.                                                        

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