Keeping Lost Loved Ones Alive

A comic poem

People are here one day…

Then gone the next.

We hang on to their essence. 

Because that’s all we have. 

We search for ways to keep them alive in our hearts and minds. 

Because it’s simply not possible to go on without them.

2 Responses

  1. David, you amaze me!
    There seems to be no limit to the little aspects of everyday life that you can bring to life
    The balance between humor and personal revelation is really so perfect that it allows
    the reader/viewer to see his, her or their own issues and not feel bad about having them.
    I haven’t replies in a while, but I want you to know your pieces hit home in a way that is delightful.
    Keep on doing what you’re doing!
    And keep me on your list, please. Have you published a book yet? Your fans are waiting, I’m sure.
    Kevin McVeigh

    1. Hi Kevin! Thanks so much for this. It’s so nice to read and I need it these last few days. I appreciate all the comments you’ve made over the years. It really helps me move forward. Still no grown-up books, but still trying.

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