Life Has a Cruel Sense of Humor

But, oh, to be laughing...

Life deals daily disappointments. Some small, some large. That’s non-negotiable. The question, I suppose, is how we respond.

Trying to control everything in order to avoid roadblocks is a very popular response. But it can really sting when our meticulously executed plans only make things worse.

Of course, there’s always good ‘ol fury and road rage. That’s been a go-to for me.

Still, however bad things are, I find it helpful to remember that they can easily get worse.

Laughing is, by far, my coping mechanism of choice. Sometimes, however, it can be hard to see the humor. At those times, irony can do a bit of the lifting. There is perspective and the first taste of acceptance in both.

The fact is we just never know what load life’s going to drop on us. Crying a lot is another useful trick I’ve become much more comfortable with. It’s super helpful, especially for working through the crap that dropped on me decades ago. The surrender-y nature of letting go relieves a lot of tension in my body and opens the door to acceptance as well.

And I must say, It pairs very very nicely with laughter.

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