Daily Success Score Sheet

The easy way to measure your worth

Everyone knows that life is about being successful. But it’s all too easy to lose focus and do things that do not further your position. Use the checklist below to see if you did everything you possibly could to get ahead today and demonstrate your value as a human being.

1. Did I waste time with people who can not advance my position?


Minus 3 points

2. Did I capitalize on opportunities, large and small?


Plus 5 points

3. Did I take at least one moment of “me time” to relax and recharge?


Minus 3 points

4. Did I project confidence and authority?


Plus 1 per projection

5. Did I use my time off to do things that are significantly more taxing than work itself?


Plus 2 points per punctured organ

6. Did I mention my NFTs?


Plus 1 point

7. Did I keep my priorities straight?


Perfect. Plus 10 points

100 points or more: You’re killin’ it. You obviously cheated, but you still win. At least until tomorrow when you will again start at zero.
1–99 points: You should be working much, much harder. You’re very nearly worthless.
0 or fewer points: Forget it. You’ll never amount to anything, just like your parents always secretly thought. Might as well go get a massage or meet a friend in the park.

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